Since ‘mapping’ is a core theme in Antarctica, we are seeking production and presentation partnerships with international scientific organisations to ‘co-compose’ with live-stream satellite imagery of the Antarctic coast.  The musical score will draw inspiration from this new technology, which will coalesce with the ancient science of cartography to further amplify the timeless and universal …

With Antarctica, I am seeking to bring together our world and space-world within a traditional art-form that also draws on new and old technologies to create an authentic opportunity for the audience to engage meaningfully with one of the most important and mystifying regions in our world.



In collaboration with Asko | Schönberg, six premieres are planned for this opera. The first will take place on a cruise ship in Antarctica with a simultaneous live–streamed performance in Europe that incorporates new technologies such as holographic projections.  Four premieres will follow in different countries as the cruise ship continues its journey. 



Antarctica will build international collaborations, bringing together a team of artists, technicians and scientists from across the globe.  Asko | Schönberg in association with Ensemble Offspring will create a stellar orchestral line–up of musicians.



A documentary about the making of ‘Antarctica’ will serve as an informative tool to help raise awareness for the Antarctic environment as well as a promotional tool for the opera itself.  It will address the conception of the opera, the process of making the opera, the art of cartography, oceanic studies, and relationship building between the arts and international science organisations. 



In collaboration with Asko | Schönberg, one of our key aims is to harness new technologies and live–streaming into a performance venues. Antarctica, will seek partnerships with venues in Australia and Europe as well as key international organisations such as European Space Agency based in France (ESA), Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), The Dumont d'Urville Station (French scientific station in Antarctica.  We will also seek to affiliate with leading environmental publications including National Geographic.



Opera Antarctica has already attracted seed funding from Australia Council for the Arts for the development phase of the libretto and the composition of musical treatments.  Further support to complete the full work will be sought from funding programmes in Australia including Creative Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts and The Australian Antarctic Division as well as private philanthropic sources. 


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