‘The thrill of composing for the screen is that it allows you to step into a world that is completely different each time. Like an actor, music becomes a character in an ensemble where all play a role to enliven and enrich the story. As far back as I can remember, I have always felt there to be a magical connection between image and sound – from early times when I worked as the musician for an illusionist to more recently when I composed the music for the Australian feature film, South Solitary. The great thing about composing for the screen is that the path invariably leads you to a place that is, more often than not, unexpected.’ MF

Mary’s hauntingly beautiful score for this 2010 Australian feature film set on South Solitary Island post–World War can be heard the CD label ABC Classics|Universal.



South Solitary: The Arrival - opening credits {CD Soundtrack 02}


South Solitary: Solitary Lament Instrumental {CD Soundtrack 10}


South Solitary: After the Storm {CD Soundtrack 17}


South Solitary: Seabirds {CD Soundtrack 13}


South Solitary: Solitary Lament - The Leaving {CD Soundtrack 11}





After receiving the Churchill Fellowship in 2006 Mary travelled to Los Angeles to research the most up–to–date methods of music production for feature film in the USA and to compose music in a production team led by Hollywood composer Marco Beltrami for the blockbuster movie Die Hard 4. The music for Die Hard 4 was recorded at the Newman Scoring Stage, Fox Studios, Hollywood and was released by Twentieth Century Fox.